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One less worry when you’re travelling

Kidnap & Ransom

Canadians are some of the most traveled citizens of the world. While destinations featuring sunny beach resorts are always popular, many Canadians are venturing out to more exotic and non-traditional locations, both for business and for personal travel.  Unfortunately, most advisors hear of their client’s travel to high risk countries only after they return.  Don’t get caught off guard, be it a corporate or individual customer, the question of foreign travel should be included in every advisor’s client review. While coverage such as travel medical are usually top of mind, others like Kidnap and Ransom Insurance, never make it onto their radar.  Recent events such as the kidnapping of Canadians in the Philippines and Libya have demonstrated some of the glaring security risks associated with international travel.  However, the existence of insurance products that can mitigate these risks is not widely known.

We insure:

  • Corporations with international exposure
  • Wealthy families
  • Individuals and families participating in mission trips
  • Young adults travelling post graduation or taking employment in foreign countries
  • Independent contractors consulting or working abroad for extended periods
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